Asked by Carmie from Philippines | Dec. 09, 2015 08:39
About:Year of the Pig

Female. Born November 15, 1983. Year of the Pig.

Hello, just want to ask, regarding my fortune this coming 2016, regarding my Career, Wealth, Relationship (Love) and Health. Thank you in advance. Godbless!!!

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Answered by Ray from Spain | Dec. 10, 2015 01:49
I am afraid that 2016 won't be a good year for you. Your finance and health won't be as good as you expected. It doesn't mean that you will lose much money. But you may not be able to earn more. It's possible that you will lose something. So please take care of wallets and lock your door carefully.

For your health, it's possible that you will be addicted to alcohol and gambling.

Career: you always speak more but don't take action. So I am afraid that you may not do much better in your job.

Relationship: If you are married, please try to get along with each other very well because it's said that you two might break up in 2016.
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