Asked by amit from Kuwait | Dec. 03, 2015 01:11
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Hi I ordered a package about month ago and it has been stuck. The number is RI666582104CN

Hi I ordered a package about month ago and it has been stuck . The number is RI666582104CN

I check every day and it always says dispatched from Beijing exchange office. That must mean that they received my package. But no further information has been included. Please tell me when my package will arrive. can anyone tell me an estimate time or period of when it will come. It is coming via china post. Please tell my how my package will arrive and where it will reach before it reaches me if you can also please tell me when it will arrive thanks..
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Answered by Daisy from Republic of Korea | Dec. 03, 2015 04:07
Amit, according to the tracking results, your parcel passed the customs check. It should be on the way to the airport. But I don't know why it didn't arrive at the airport. It takes 30 days to reach many countries. But it's difficult to tell how long it takes if your parcel was delayed somewhere.

Usually, your parcel will be transferred to your national post. Then they will distribute it to the nearest post office in your area. Eventually the postman will send it to you.
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