Asked by Frederick from Philippines | Dec. 01, 2015 23:33
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Hi. I am 23, born February 21, 1992. How will be my job in 2016?

I left my job last August 2015, I worked in middle east. I am planning to come back this coming 2016 to different company. Will I have any luck to be accepted again, I legally left so no concern on legal status, to travel west? I am from south east Asia..

Answers (1)
Answered by Gary from USA | Dec. 02, 2015 02:09
Frederick, actually you are suggested to stay with your current job next year. Otherwise, your career may not be smooth. However, you already quitted. So you have no choice but do your best to seek a job. If you try your best, you still have a chance to find a better job.
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