Asked by Ling Li Mu from Australia | Nov. 22, 2015 01:31
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relationship and my wealth

I was born on the 24/09/67 and my partner was born on the 2/7 / 65. Are we going to last? And what year is a good year for me to sell my unit? Am my going to be wealthy if I start my own business? What year is a good year for me to go into business?

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Answered by Jude from Sweden | Nov. 25, 2015 03:31
Ling, I can only tell your zodiac signs are compatible. Actually zodiac compatibility is just one factor. The most important thing is whether you two make all your efforts to sustain your relationship.

According to your birth chart, you can start your business even you are empty-handed. Finally, you will be successful. Your career fortune will be good in 2016. So I think you might start your business next year. Your finance will be better too. It's possible that you will sell your unit and buy a new one.
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