Asked by Marites Pinar from Philippines | Nov. 14, 2015 17:45
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Is 2016 a lucky year for me and my family and my business and political career of my husband?

My husband is running for vice mayor in our place, will he win this 2016 election? And also our relationship with my husband is it good? I was born 1961 and my husband 1958.

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Answered by Lisa from Canada | Nov. 14, 2015 19:27
Hi, your luck in business will be just so so in business. Just keep an eye on market and you can still make a stable profit. As for your business, he is lucky with the upcoming election. There is large likelihood that he would be winner as vice mayor. But he may be too hard-working and sometimes feel uncmfortable. Ask him to keep fit!

You will generally get along with your hubby. Perhaps due to busy work, you spend less time communicating. Hope this doesn't influence your relationship. At last, you had better understand each other~
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