Asked by trench from philippines | Oct. 31, 2015 12:12
About:Sheep's Fortune in 2022

hi, i'm male, born april 29, 1979, is it my lucky year this coming 2016?

will appreciate your advice regard career, wealth, health and relationship. thanks. more power!

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Answered by Henry from United Kingdom | Oct. 31, 2015 21:25
Career: There will be fierce competition next year, but you always work hard and solve all problems. Ur boss may start to pay attention to you. Then you may expect a promotion or increased salary.

Wealth: Your luck in money will be stable. Generally, it is easy to make ends meet. But you should not make any risky investment or go for lottery, from which you may get a loss.

Health: You may feel unwell sometimes. To avoid serious problems, have light-flavor food and don't drink too much.

Relationships: You may quarrel with family members. I suggest you control your temper and communicate with them more frequently. If possible, plan a family trip to be more intimate.
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