Asked by maria from Philippines | Oct. 15, 2015 22:21
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female rabbit and male rooster

I was born November 17,1987 (rabbit), and my partner was born May 28,1981 (rooster). We've been together for 7 years, we love each other. I'm aware that our signs are not compatible, we always face misfortunes especially in financial aspects, is there anyway to over come there misfortunes? We're both hardworking and try to save and earn but always end up broke. It's upsetting. By the way our eldest son was born October 20, 2009 (ox), and our youngest was born January 31, 2015 (horse). Please enlighten me. Thank you very much.

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Answered by Mary from Belgium | Oct. 17, 2015 04:50
Maria, your birth date says that you are a busy guy. You start very well but don't finish at the end. The reason is that you can't focus and make efforts continously. On the other side, you were born in November. It's predicted that those born in November finally enjoy a good life when they are old.

For your husband, his birth date indicates that he suffers from many failures at the beginning and succeed at last. I think he is still in the first phase. It isn't the right time for him to succeed.

I guess that's why you both have misfortunes right now.
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