Asked by Dreamer from USA | Sep. 18, 2015 15:12
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Born March 25, 1991. How does love look in the future?

I have two great guys that I have feelings for. One is not the perfect relationship, but we work through things and come out stronger. The other is the perfect guy I always dreamed of and I am the girl he always dreamed of. The first guy has potential to grow into a serious long term relationship. The second one can't give me that, but the attraction and chemistry is there. I haven't made any commitments to either. What does the future look like?

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Answered by James from Austria | Sep. 19, 2015 01:11
Obviously, you should choose the first guy. Attraction and chemistry is too short. When your feelings cool down, family responsibility and commitments are much more important. If he can't give you long term relationship, then why do you waste your time with him? If you are not the one who wants to find a playmate, then you should start a serious relationship with the first guy.
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