Asked by Jen from Philippines | Sep. 03, 2015 02:24
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Hi, scorpio girl ( november 3, 1978) with partner ( april 20,1975)

Good day! Me and my partner been for almost 10 years , we are palnning to hot married on next year..I wanna ask if it wil happen at what is the best date and month? Our anniversay will be on may 25, we will turning 11years together.
Is our business wil still profitable this year and coming year?
thanks you so much..

Answers (1)
Answered by Jenny from Ireland | Sep. 05, 2015 04:22
Jen, there are many auspicious dates for wedding every month. You'd better choose a month according to your schedule. Then I can help you find out some auspicious dates in that month.

Horse (you) and Rabbit (your partner) are really lucky in your career this year. So I believe that you two can do very well in your business. By the end of 2015, you are able to make a good fortune.
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