Asked by Rayn from South Africa | Aug. 02, 2015 05:50
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When will OFFICIALLY I find my soul mate?

I am a gay male born in 15 March 1995 - I'm struggling to find my future partner, it's extremely frustrating because every time I meet a guy who I think is my soul mate he's straight & I refuse to seduce him or anything of that. My personal astrologer says I will meet my partner on the second half of August 2015, but I need more advise, when will I "OFFICIALLY" meet him. Please guide me I want to know when will I meet the RIGHT guy, give me all the details. I'm not desperate I'm just tired & highly stressed for hoping that I will find him, I've even took antidepressants because I'm afraid of wasting my time or if I missed the chance..& I'm not ugly everyone says that I'm handsome but why do I have so many disappointments in my love life, I can't take the pressure anymore..

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Answered by Kenny from Australia | Aug. 02, 2015 07:59
Relax! You will meet him in these months- second half of August - December 2015. Go to as many social events as you can! Just relax brother, he will find you! I'm born on the 14 November 1995, I already found my soul mate on the 12 of July, if it can happen to me it can happen to you! Stay strong brother!!
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