Asked by I from Indonesia | Jul. 31, 2015 08:52
About:Year of the Tiger

im tiger male born feb 11th 1974. planning to get married with my new girlfriend born march 1st 1991

Yes we have our hard times, but also good times. Are we compatible? Can our marriage last long? Am i making a good choice with her? Is the compatibility test means a lot to our relationship?
Looking fwd for answer. tq

Answers (1)
Answered by Ivan from India | Aug. 04, 2015 04:23
To be honest, you two have totally different personalities. Before you get married, you should do your best to know and get along with each other. Otherwise, it's difficult for you two to make your relationship work.

You both are the ones who decide your future. If you make efforts for improving your relationship, then your marriage can last.

Peronally, I think you are still unsure of your relationship with her. If you are sure, you wouldn't ask the question whether you make a good choice with her.
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