Asked by Robert from USA | Jul. 01, 2015 14:53
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What would be a good gift for a slightly older chinese woman to that i care about in a non-sexual ea

I met a very wonderful woman several years ago. She is from China originally but has been in the states for a very long time and speaks very fluent English considering. I really care about her (non-sexually, like family) and have been starting to grow closer to her, but I have not been seeing her much lately altough i had dinner out with her at one of her favorite restaurants sometime last year and she gave me a wonderful gift, an ancient Chinese relic straight from her own collection and i dont think that she took it personally that i did not have anything for her but i still felt horrible. I did send her something sonetime later but it sucked in comparison (gift card). What can i do to show this amazing woman that i care about her ans want to get/stay close to her? If i learned likr chinese greetings would she take it as polite or might she take it the wrong way and be offended or smoething like that? I am abput as white as it gets and dont speak a word of any language other than English.

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Answered by Ray from Spain | Jul. 01, 2015 22:45
Robert, relics are priceless. I think it must be one of her favorites. In return, you might give her something that you have. And it must be one of your favorites. It doesn't matter what you give to her. She shares something she likes with you. And you might share something you like with her too. You just let her know that you are willing to share your favorites with her. This is enough.

If I wasn't wrong, you should have had feelings for her, right? Before you try to get close to her, you should figure out whether she treats you like a good friend or has the same feelings like you. It's not difficult to figure this out.
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