Asked by luisa from Philippines | Jun. 29, 2015 12:03
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hi, i have a long distance boyfriend. can we be together forever? how to make our love grows strong?

i have a long distance boyfriend. we met in a social media year 2013, n we lost contact and recently we connect again n our love flourish, we exchanges sweet love messages but lately he seldom answer my messages. he was born on 0221/1957, n i was born 09/10/1963. were matured and have same experience from our past old relationships. i love him much, is he feels the same way as i do? he plan to live and retire in my country next year and perhaps do some investment.
Can we be together forever? how can we work on our relationship to grow stronger? i love him so much... how to win back his heart?
what is the future holds for us? thank u very much

from Philippines

Answers (1)
Answered by Lucy from Romania | Jul. 02, 2015 01:52
Luisa, actually your zodiac signs are incompatible. He is rooster and you are rabbit. He is suggested to avoid rabbit. However, I don't think zodiac compatibility is the only thing that matters. For you, I think you should create some opportunities to meet each other in person. Then you both might have more understanding of each other. And nobody can tell he loves you or not. You should try to figure it out on your own because you are the one who is in love with him.

It's difficult to maintain a distant love unless one side gives up everything and comes to the other side.
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