Asked by Mimo from USA | Jun. 24, 2015 22:27
About:Year of the Rat

born April 3,1972. Please advise on 2015? Work front? Love? Relationship? Money? Family? Travel?

Hello, I was born April 3, 1972 (aries water rat). 2014 was a very difficult year (year of the Horse).

I like someone else who is a Tauras Water Ox. I like their strength, dependability, big heart, forthright. I also like someone who was born Oct 21, 1978 (libra earth horse). Per astrology advise Rat is advised to steer away from Horse? I do like their passion, energy, integrity, enthusiasm, diligence.

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Answered by Maria from Iceland | Jun. 27, 2015 03:58
Mimo, Rat and ox are a perfect match. If you believe in the zodiac things, you should stay away from horse people because you are incompatible. But this isn't for sure. Some people whose zodiac signs are incompatible still live happily.

In your career, you might have new opportunities. But you need to think twice before you do anything. Opportunities can turn into crises too. Your finance is fine. If you plan to cooprate with someone else, please try your best to get familar with him. And you should be very careful when signing contracts.

Please be extremely careful in October because you are unlucky in that month.
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