Asked by Ray from Thailand | Jun. 13, 2015 03:11
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born 3 June 1984, having a kind of relationship but sometimes suspecious on my lover. got cheated on last year but he promised not to again. still something come around and made me feel sad. will this last long because i do think i fall in love with him.
also my career, should i take an opportunity to work abroad in India?

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Answered by Robin from Iraq | Jun. 14, 2015 03:10
Ray, apparently you are the one who can't forgive other people who made mistakes. If you can't forgive him, then I think there is no future between you and him. If you can't, please do not push yourself. I think he isn't the one you are looking for. The man you always seek is someone who never cheats or betrays you.

Your career is fine. If you want to work abroad, then you should try to make it happen. Good luck!
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