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help with this itinerary: Shanghai - Yushan - (Guilin) - Congjiang - Guangzhou


I'd like to see Mt. Sanqing, minority villages like Basha Miao Village, Gaozhen Dong Village etc. in Congjiang also the Jiabang Rice Terraces.

Wednesday: train from Hongqiao to Yushan South. Does anyone know how often the buses leave Yushan to Mt. Sanqing, if they departure from Yushan South Railway Station, how long the journey takes and the bus schedule from Mt. Sanqing back to Yushan? I want to leave Yushan the same day (Wednesday evening) and take the night train to Guilin North.

Thursday: Arriving at Guilin North Railway Station. Is there any buses from Guilin/Guilin N. Railway Station departing after 1PM to Congjiang? How long does the bus journey take? I know there's one train from Guilin N. to Congjiang leaving at 6 PM and arriving around 7 PM but I think it's too late (no time to do anything on that day in Congjiang)…

Friday: Congjiang & villages nearby. I know that the Basha Miao Village and Gaozhen Dong Village are 7-8 km from Congjiang but are the villages in the same are? Do you go there by bus or mini van…?

Saturday: Visit the Jiabang Rice Terraces, 80 km from Congjiang. Bus schedule?

Sunday: Look around more in Congjiang County/Town…?

Monday: Train from Congjiang to Guangzhou.

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Answered by Molly Mayer from France | Jun. 14, 2015 04:27
Wed.: You can take a taxi from Yushan South Rail Station to Yushan Bus Station in around 15min. Buses to the south cable car of Sanqingshan are scheduled from 06:30 to 15:30 at intervals of 40-50min. Buses to the east cable car leave from 06:10 to 18:10 with the frequency of 40-50min. The duration is around two hours. Bus schedule from the south cable car to Yushan: 08:30 to 17:00 every 50min; from the east cable car: 06:20 to 17:50 every 50min.

Thurs.: Three buses to Congjiang are scheduled at Guilin Qintan Bus Station, which is around 10km from the North Station, and the last one leaves at 13:00. You can reach there by taxi or by bus no. 301. If you miss it, you have no choice but to take a high speed train. After 13:00, two trains are still available, leaving at 17:43 and 18:14. The duration is less than an hour.

Fri. and Sun.: Except the villages you mentioned, I only know a Zhanli Village, around 25km from Gaozeng Township of Jiangcong, and Xiaohuang Dong Ethnic Village of Gaozeng Township. It is best to rent a car to reach.

Sat.: Two buses leave from Congjiang Bus Station to Jiabang Village daily, at 10:20 and 14:20. Get off at Dangniu Lukou. Then hire a car or van to the rice terrace at a cost of CNY80-100.

Mon. : Two bullet trains leave from Congjiang to Guangzhou, leaving at 09:03 and 16:27. It takes around 4h.
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