Asked by Denise from USA | Jun. 07, 2015 19:33
About:Year of the Horse

career and friendship

Wondering about my career path, born 11/15/1966.

And friend compatibility with someone born on 11/11/1956.

Answers (1)
Answered by Martin from Australia | Jun. 07, 2015 22:53
About your career, you work hard this year, but it seems that your boss doesn't attach importance to you. Anyway, don't take it seriously. Just do your own business and your progress and achievenments can be admitted sooner or later. In addition, you may be appointed to another position or office. Get ready for that.

About the friendship, the person born in 1956 will usually get along with you. But you have different personalities. Small conflicts frequently happen in daily life. Luckily, it has a little influence on your friendship. You even enjoy doing that to support your own opinion.
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