Asked by pp from India | May. 30, 2015 15:17
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career and love (I m female born on 6 july,1992.)

i want to know abt my career and love prediction for upcoming year... nd ny future prediction for me???

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Answered by Nelly from Australia | May. 31, 2015 01:08
Career: You may encounter some problems in your career. If you are not happy with your current job, it is fine to change another one. Then you shall enjoy higher salary.

Love: May I know if you are a girl or boy? If a girl, you should focus on career, because you seems unlucky in love life. If a boy, you may find your love in Aug. and Nov.

Generally, you are luck in many cases. You will have a loving marriage and great job in the future. I also suggest you make more friends. They may help you with many things.
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