Asked by MOHAMMADALIM | May. 02, 2015 00:28
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When Will I get a Job?My DoB Sept 28, 1962- I was layed off DEC 2014. I am still unemployed.

Do you think I have to move from my current home to find my future job? I feel like it something blocking me to get a job, not sure what it is. I had five job interview this week (4/25). Four reject and the one interview on 5/1 don't know yet, and it is 2 hours drive. Can you tell me which direction (north, south, east, west) I will have better job luck. I am also trying to go back to my Old company where I was employed in 1996 - 2009 when I got layed off. Do you think I will able to go back?

Mohammad Alim

Answers (1)
Answered by Mike from Ireland | May. 04, 2015 04:30
Your lucky directions are south, east and southeast. So you might try to search companies in these directions. Seriously, I can't tell whether you can get back to your old company or when you will be recruited. But you should have faith and confidence in yourself. If you lose hope, then no one else can help you out.
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