Asked by Joe from United kingdom | Apr. 16, 2015 14:36
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Best visa for a 90 day stay?

Hi there,
I'm a 20 year old British student who will be travelling to China to take up an unpaid, volunteering position in a school in Suzhou. My stay will be up to 90 days, so I'm just wondering which type I should apply for?

I am able to provide all the necessary documents, I just want to have the greatest likelihood of getting a 90 day one, as it seems to be becoming more and more difficult. Today, I went to the CVASC to apply for an M typein person with all the right docs, including an invitation letter with the chop and all the correct info, but they still said I needed a Duly Authorized Unit letter. Should I instead apply for an F type? I just don't get what they want exactly, because the official website isn't updated as changes are happening, and the rules seem case-by-case so it's impossible be sure.

I still have time (travelling on or around June 10th), but I'm starting to worry because I don't know what they want! So if anyone has any advice/knowledge or has applied for a 90 day M/F type from the UK recently, I'd appreciate any help! Furthermore, I've got friends in China who can supply the right documents if necessary, so if there's any other way I can stay for 90 days I'd like to hear it!

Also, I have a part-time job working at a cinema, should I give this as my occupation rather than student? The guy at CVASC seemed a bit off about me being a student.

One last thing, I visited an agency later today and the woman there said there is a 'short work' type which isn't openly talked about but can be granted for 60 day stays...anyone know about this?

I just want to understand what to do! The rules are changing and I can't keep up!

Thank you,

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Answered by Jenny from Indonesia | Apr. 17, 2015 03:36
Joe, duly authorized unit here rerfers to the foreign affairs offices. If it is required for the M type, then I think it is needed for F type too. And I don't think that you should resort to the agent to help you acquire the so called 60 days short work type.

You should understand that your F/ type is given by the consular officers. They have the right to decide how long duration you will be granted with. Even you prepare all required documents including the duly authorized unit invitation letter, you still may not get a 90 days one.

You should ask the school to help you apply for the invitation letter given by duly authorized unit. But it takes time.
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