Asked by betty from Ghana | Apr. 05, 2015 08:19
About:Year of the Sheep / Goat / Ram

Hi i'm betty, my boyfried is Aries sheep while im Pisces sheep.

we brok up i knew im not compatible with Aries but because he was a sheep in the china zodiac i miss him i made a mistake for the break up he loved me and he was my best love, will he come its head for me to move on what shoul i do.

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Answered by Jessica from Finland | Apr. 05, 2015 21:57
Looking from the Chinese zodiac side, two sheep can make a good family together. Because of them are kind, patient and loyal. Looking from the constellation side, Aries and Pisces are good match also. So if you still have feelings for him, and it was you that made mistakes in the relationship, you should make the first step to save your love. Good luck!
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