Asked by Joh viñas from Philippines | Mar. 22, 2015 05:08
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Zodiac sign compatibility horse-rooster & snake-rooster

My husband is born january 24 1966. I went to a chinese temple here in the Philippines to ask his zodiac sign. The master told me that hes zodiac sign is snake but according to this article he's zodiac sign is Horse. Is that true? my zodiac sign is rooster and according to feng shui master we're compatible because he is snake. now if hes real zodiac is Horse, im worried to discover that our zodiac sign we're not compatible. i want know our zodiac sign compatibility? I was born Dec 14 1957. We are married for 23 years. If ever our zodiac signs are not compatible? What can i do about it?

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Answered by Sophia from France | Mar. 22, 2015 20:46
Viñas, if you are sure about your husband’s birth date (Jan 24, 1966), then I can tell you with 100% percentage that he is a horse. It’s ok for a rooster and a horse to be together. You have been living together for 23 years, so don’t let the zodiac sign influence you too much. Whether you are compatible or not, you should judge from the daily life, from his words and his behavior. But not just from his zodiac sign. Anyway, there’s something you can do to make the relationship better. Learn to make concessions in life, and have more mutual trust as well as understanding. Forget the animal sign and wish you be happy together.
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