Asked by Julie from USA | Mar. 05, 2015 13:41
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Numbers 4 & 8. can you explain?

We have our home on the market and a couple would not even go inside because our house number is 1048. They said it was bad... I thought 8 was good at the end of a group of numbers. Also my birthday is June 5, 1962 how does my year look? Thanks!

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Answered by Johnson from Denmark | Mar. 07, 2015 21:46
Well, 8 is a luck number in Chinese culture. They think your house number is bad maybe because that they have different understanding for numbers in their culture. Don’t worry too much. 8 is a good number indeed.
2015 is a good year for you. Your money will increase, and there may be windfalls sometimes. For your business, be decisive and sensible, it will be prosperous easily. Spend more time to accompany your partner and show your care. Also, you need to be careful when you have water sports.
Answered by Kim from USA | Mar. 25, 2015 07:32
From my understanding, your house number 1048, using numerology will looking like the following : (1+0+4+8 = 13) .....then you add 1+3=4. In the Chinese language the number 4 rhymes with "Death". I once had lunch with someone who was bothered by the fact that we were seated at a table marked "4".

I honestly think sometimes things can be taken overboard . Also, different cultures follow different beliefs. Some people live their entire lives without being aware of the superstitions of another culture and they do just fine.

I would focus more on making sure the flow and feel of your house is inviting and warm for potential buyers. Good luck!
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