Asked by Wendy from Netherlands | Feb. 19, 2015 19:31
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Is it a good decision to bring home to my country my son for me to work here in abroad?

I am wendy born 22 November 1973. Me & my husband planning to bring home to our country our youngest son. For me to work and earn and save money for the future of our family. he is only 2 years old. My mother in law is the one who will take care of him. My son will stay with my mother in law only for 2 years & after that we will get him back again & stay together again for life. My question is... It is a good decision for this year 2015?

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Answered by mel from america | Feb. 19, 2015 21:51
it is a good decision to make. If you think its going to work out for your family in the long run then do it. technology these days will help you stay in contact wit both of your sons as you go back home. just do what you think is right and no mater what do tell your boys that you love them as well that you are making a better life for them in the future
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