Asked by Kris Suan from Philippines | Feb. 17, 2015 23:33
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Lovelife and career

Hi. Im kris born on dec.13, 1986, my girlfriend was born in nov.10, 1994. Ive been searching our compatibility both the chinese zodiac and zodiac signs. I am tiger and my gf is dog, i tried the our love compatibility here in it says we are 90% compatible. But, what I know is in the zodiac sign, sagittarius (me) and scorpio (my gf) do not really get along just like how my parents ended up, they are now separated. I also want to know if I will have a better job now since I left my job last 2013. What will I do to keep my love alive or will i find someone I think would be much compatible? with my job, will I get hired in big companies that will pay me well? please do help. Im just really confused now with my lovelife and career. Thank you...

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Answered by Tiger from Canada | Feb. 19, 2015 00:33
You won't end in seperation if you are both committed to listen to each other and think of the other person before making decisions. Dogs are very loyal as you know.
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