Asked by ngktatt from Malaysia | Feb. 15, 2015 07:43
About:Year of the Dragon

Hi, I am male dragon born on 15th June on the year of 1976.

At this age i still unable to get married yet; can you advise me on this? My career is not too smooth these past few years- I have been working very hard and having a hard time earning money. Is the year 2015 either bad or good for me? At times i felt like dying because I'm so lonely in life-Please help me.Thanks!

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Answered by Charles from Denmark | Feb. 15, 2015 20:07
Hey, do you have a partner with stable relationship? If yes, maybe you can propose to her in the second half of the year. Otherwise you need to be positive with the thing, and find a suitable one as soon as possible. For your work, 2015 is just so so. You still need to work hard and watch black man. Anyway, things will getting better, cheer up!
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