Asked by Barbara from USA | Jan. 24, 2015 23:38
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Barbara from Californa - born October 23, 1948 in Boston, Massachusetts USA

When will the Rat have a prosperous year? I love my life and my daily living conditions because I am living in a very beautiful place, but I am mostly alone at this point in my life. I appreciate the calm peace and harmony I am able to experience at this time in my life, but is there change coming in the future? For the past 4 years major changes have occurred in my life, which have brought me to this point of peace and harmony, but at a price. I have lost relationships with very close family members. I would like to be financially comfortable in my last years on this earth and not just making ends meet. Thank you.

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Answered by Sophia from Greece | Jan. 27, 2015 03:01
Well, this year you will have good fortune in wealth casually. But you need to manage it well and also make plan for expenditure. If you don’t want to be alone always, you should go out and make some friends. They will make your life more colorful and happier.
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