Asked by Roland from Austria | Dec. 08, 2014 18:37
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Quit studies in China. Was my student visa cancelled?

I was studying at a university in China on an X2 student type, but I quit my studies early in September. My X2 doesn't expire until February.

I asked the university if I needed to leave China immediately or notify the authorities to change my X2, but they gave me a vague answer and just said that I shouldn't stay too long.

Is it likely they cancelled my student X2? And if so, will I be in big trouble at the airport when I try to leave China for overstaying? What else should I do to avoid that?

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Answered by Matt from United Kingdom | Dec. 08, 2014 19:21
The school does not have the right to cancel your student X2. If they want to cancel your X2, they will report to the loca Exit-Entry Adminstration Bureau to cancel it. You are suggested to go to the local Exit Entry Adminstration Bureau for asking or contact the school for aking again.

If the overstaying time is not so long, you will not face a big problem. Uually, you only need to pay the fine. If it is a so long, it is hard to tell.

If the school has already report your case to the Exit-Entry Adminstration Bureau, there is no better method to avoid troubles, in my opinion.
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