Asked by Byron from South Africa | Dec. 08, 2014 15:35
About:Year of the Tiger

Hi , I was born 9April 1974 ! I would like to know about my future ,Health,wealth.

Greetings ,, I was born 9April 1974 ! I would like to know about my future ,Health,wealth, Love, and what country will suite me best! I've always been self employed, I need a kick sometimes , I have all the ability in the world to thrive , but I let fear get in the way at times , how do I over come this

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Answered by Betty from Lesotho | Dec. 09, 2014 02:07
Byron, you are Tiger. It's predicted that you will have a bright future. You are nobody in your early age. In your middle age, you are confronted with difficulties. However, this doesn't mean that you will fail. If you get married late, you both will have a harmonious relationship. You may have several kids. Just one of them will be successful. In your health, you may suffer from lung, liver and skin disease.
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