Asked by Neo from India | Dec. 08, 2014 04:09
About:Year of the Tiger

hi I was born on 22 sept, 1986. I wanted to know the detailed future in 2015 as 2014 was really hard

Please help by suggesting the lucky months in 2015 specially for career I would also like to know why I got stuck from August 2014. Currently I do not have a job and I own a small business which is not working well since dec 2013. I will be very thankful for a detailed overview.

THank you

Answers (1)
Answered by Edward from Kuwai | Dec. 09, 2014 01:59
Neo, you are said to develop your career very well in 2015. You should work hard and seize good opportunities and then you will be successful in your business. And you may spend some time reading or learning. However, you may spend a lot of money in 2015. In this case, you should learn to make ends meet and don't waste your money.
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