Asked by Dianne Dragovic from Australia | Oct. 15, 2014 16:04
About:Heavenly Stems & Earthly Branches

Born 25/11/1946 partner born 23/1/1935, are we good mix?

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Answered by Stanley from Singapore | Oct. 15, 2014 23:39
Hi Dianne, u r a fire dog with conceal element earth. He is a wood pig with conceal element fire. Gd match for de year stem and conceal element. Earth branch dog n pig no special animosity but can wok it out to a certain extend. Both of u r of western group trigram. U r metal n he is earth n no problem in getting new house !! Door faces out north east is suitable. Gd luck !!!
Answered by Stanley from Singapore | Oct. 16, 2014 02:33
Hi agan Dianne, sori he is wood dog born in winter. The wood pig only kicks in after 4th feb 1935. His year stem and conceal element remains de same and earth branch 2 dogs is gd match especially 1946 n 1934 dog. His trigram wll b eastern group if wood element while yrs is still de western group of metal element. So getting a new HSE cud b difficult den. Gd luck !!
Answered by Dianne from Australia | Oct. 16, 2014 15:38
Thank you for your email.
In regards to new house what does it means? I am planing to go home that is where
I came from for good and that would mean buying small flat. Is that going to be difficult
I will be going alone.
Thank you.
Kind regards
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