Asked by Sarah from USA | Oct. 08, 2014 23:42
About:Chinese Calendar

Man: July 22, 1976 Women: 12/03/1976. Will the marriage relationship even work at all?

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Answered by Sally from Ireland | Oct. 10, 2014 03:25
Sarah, two dragons are a wonderful pair because the compatibility rating is 80 percent. So of course your relationship will work out.
Answered by Stanley from Singapore | Oct. 13, 2014 11:01
Hi Sarah, 2 dragons is self persecuting !!! Or self conflict !!! No doubt same year but the trigram is diff !! Man is 4 western group of metal element while de woman is 4 eastern group of fire element !!! 22nd July is a wood pig's day and 12th march is water pig's day. There agan the day branch saw two pigs wch is also self persecuting !!! My opinion...both take it easy n dnt let gritty matters spoil yr days. Patient, torerence and understanding is de key word for both to get together well. Gd luck.
Answered by Sarah from USA | Oct. 20, 2014 22:21
correction: woman's birthday is December 03, 1976. sorry for the confusion.
Answered by Sally | Oct. 21, 2014 01:35
Sally, your sign is still Dragon. Nothing changes.
Answered by Stanley from Singapore | Oct. 21, 2014 04:47
Hi Sarah, with yr correction, den 3rd December is an earth ox day with conceal element fire. Base on birthday, ox and pig combination hv no special animosity. The clash in de day stem signify money aspects. Both the year remain de same - fire dragon with conceal element earth. So more or less it is still the same outcome as per my earlier reply on 13th oct. both hv strong luck with money. For de woman, do take care of her lung, skin, nose, liver and heart. Gd luck
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