Asked by hannah from us | Sep. 13, 2014 19:49
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sagittarius snake and cancer horse

Im a sagittarius snake and my husband is a cancer horse. Weve been married for 7 years and he is always the life of the party especially when he's had something to drink already. My thinking is that he is trying to impress other girls at the party although he always says thats just his personality, being loud. I would really like to find out if its best to stay married since i dont want to wait until he eventually cheats on me.

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Answered by Helen from Samoa Western | Sep. 13, 2014 22:45
Hannah, your situation fits the zodiac predictions. Horse and snake are talented and practical. They also depend on each other too. However, marriage needs both sides to sacrifice. If you both can sacrifice for each other, your marriage will be happy.

However, horse doesn't like being lonely. Snake is wise but suspicious. Horse is dissatisfied with snake because she can't meet all his requirements. Snake hates horse because he is fickle in love. She feels insecure, for this reason.
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