Asked by David Komsak from USA | Sep. 01, 2014 15:42
About:Baggage Allowance for Chinese Domestic Flights

Medical Equipment

I will be traveling on several domestic flights while in China. I have my CPAP (Continuous positive airway pressure) machine that I travel with. All flights in the United States, Domestic and International regard this as medical equipment and is not considered part of my carry on allowance. While in China I do not intend to use my device in flight but will it be considered part of my allowance? Also along with my 4kg allowance as carry on can I also have my camera bag as a personal item?

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Answered by Kate from Honduras | Sep. 02, 2014 01:58
David, I think you'd better ask the airline you plan to take. According to my knowledge, most China Airlines have not only weight limit but also quantity limits on the carry-on luggage. Usually, passengers are allowed to take one piece of luggage if they have economy class seat, and two pieces for business and first class seats.
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