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Chinese business visa application requirements enquiry

I work for Beatorts Services Company as the General Manager, Operations. We are into consumer electronics. We have identified chinese manhufactures, and i have to go to meet them in person, buy from them and shipthe containers to Ghana. The entire trip will be sponsored by my Company.

1. What documents would you advise me to submit for chinese business visa application?

2. Do i need to show my personal bank statement since my company is sponsoring? If Yes, how much money should be in my account on the day of submission of application.

3. Do I need to book appointment before visiting the chinese embassy for submission of my application? If the booking has to be online, please provide me with the link/website

4. If the fee have to be paid in a bank, which bank and branch is this possible?

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Answered by Linda from United States | Jul. 13, 2014 22:54
1. required documents are: original letter of confirmation issued by an authorized unit in China (Local Government in China) or original invitation letter from company in China, return air ticket and hotel reservation, business registration certificate and tax clearance or IRS of your company (original and copy versions), a letter of introduction from your company, proof of economic gurantee (such as personal bank account statement or pay slips from employer current for at least four months) both original and photocopy, your passport, filled appilcation form and a passport photo.
2. The required documents specify it clearly, either your personal account statement or pay slips from your employer for recent four months.
3. You needn't make an appointment for visiting the embassy.
4. You need to pay the fee at the Opeibia branch of Standard Charted.
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