Asked by snakeskin 26 from USA | Jul. 10, 2014 16:06
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Love connection? Sheep and Snake

I'm a snake and the guy I am talking to is a sheep. Reading the characteristics of sheep it explains him completely. Although I still have to get to know him he is very shy, can be emotional or moody and is holding his feeling back. I feel like him and I have good chemistry, we both want the samething, a relationship and for love to blossom between us. But the problem is when we get together we're awkward and silent. We do the small talk thing which I'm not too good at. I don't want to small talk with him, I want him to open up to me and tell me/ show me more about himself. We also can communicate fine through text messages and he can express his feelings more. But when we get together again I get nothing and it puts me in a werid place to where I close up bc I think something is wrong with me. What can I do differently or more of for my sheep to open up to me?

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Answered by Angus from UK | Jul. 11, 2014 01:49
Hi, sheep is sensitive and shy by nature. So in my opinion, you have to make the first move then he will be better and then open to you.
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