Asked by Mike from USA | Jun. 21, 2014 23:52
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Mt. Huashan----See sunrise, and then make it to the Huashanbei Station for 11:35 fast G Train?

I am spending a whole day exploring Mt. Huashan. I would then like to stay on Mount Huashan overnight, see the sunrise, and then take the 11:35 fast G train from Huashanbei. How long will it take me to get down the mountain after sunrise and to the train station; will that schedule work? Thanks!

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Answered by Emily from Iceland | Jun. 22, 2014 02:28
If there is not so many people and you can use the cable car, you will reach the foot of the mountain in about 30 minutes. Then you can take a taxi for the Huashanbei in around 10 to 15 minutes.

After you see the sunrise and then head for the cable car station for cable cars, time is enough. Please take do not worry.
Answered by Mike from USA | Jun. 22, 2014 10:06
Thanks Emily! VERY HELPFUL.

Two more questions:
1. If I hike back down, will I still make it?
2. If I must take the cable car, do I buy a ticket before I go up the mountain, or can I buy one the morning I am leaving from on the mountain?

Thank you!
Answered by Emily | Jun. 22, 2014 20:09
If you walk down, it takes around 2.5 to 3.5 hours. So it probably hard to catch your train if hiking.

You can just buy the cable car ticket at the station when you plan to leave from the mountain.
Answered by Mike from USA | Jun. 22, 2014 22:38
Very, very helpful Emily! Thank you!
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