Asked by Manisha Sugandh from UAE | Jun. 10, 2014 16:22
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Hi my date of birth is 11th march 1971. what are my luck numbers for career according to chinese zod

i guess i am a metal pig according to Chinese zodiac what are my lucky and unlucky numbers and colors for business/ career, love relationships. I am planning on setting up a new company to do with event management . I also deal in art as in buy and sell art and having art shows but havent been successful so far.

what is better for me job or business and why ? also is the mobile number 0504561440 lucky or unlucky for me? Please advise.

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Answered by Susan from Indonesia | Jun. 11, 2014 04:43
You are right. Your sign is Pig. Lucky Colors are yellow, grey, brown, golden. Lucky Numbers are 2, 5, 8. And you should avoid 3, 1, 9. Your phone number is neither lucky nor unlucky. It's very ordinary. If the last digit can be any of your lucky numbers, it might bring you some good luck. As for your business, others can't tell which one is better. It's you who can figure it out after trying.
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