Asked by gina from London | Jun. 10, 2014 11:24
About:Year of the Horse

born 06/06/90, What is my year looking like?

I have a lot of 3s and 7s in my chart. I am passionate, powerful, and I care for the world. I sometimes feel like I need to be well known for something. Not sure what it is yet.... I create a lot of things from songs to crafts to beauty supplies and I always think of new things the world needs. I want to create two businesses two. I'm all over the place :(. I do have jealous coworkers and even jealous bosses... I try to be kind in the work place and I will make note to talk to my family about everything.

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Answered by Eric from Fiji | Jun. 11, 2014 04:33
Gina, you are a horse. Horse people seems to be unlucky this year. Their career and money fortune are not good. They should finish their jobs excellently and accummulate experience and improve their skills. They will be promoted or earn more money in the future, but not now. Due to their poor fortune in finance, they shouldn't engage risky investments.

Jealousy is useless. It won't bring you something good. Instead, other people may look you down and think you are incapable if they find that you are jealous of them.
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