Asked by Hayley from Australia | Apr. 30, 2014 22:04
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what was qin shi huangdi legacy to the world?

Doing an assignment and i can find anything on it the question reads
Outline the achievements of Qin Shi Huangdi on events and issues that he is remembered for in history and assess his legacy to the world
ive got the first part but not the second bit PLEASE HELP

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Answered by Shun from Poland | May. 05, 2014 03:47
1. He standerized the weight, currency and characters.
2. He ordered to build the Terracotta Warriors. It has been a great attraction in China now.
3. He ordered to join the sections of the Great Wall which were made in the former periods to protect his people and territory.
4. Fen Shu Keng Ru - burn books and bury Confucian scholars alive. This is usually regarded as a mistake of Qin Shi Huang, because he burned many valued books and killed many talents!
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