Asked by soanm from Bhutan | Nov. 04, 2013 16:27
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hi! my name is sonam and i am a girl. i was born in 11/15/1993. i want to know bout my future boyfriend

i am in 1st year studying in bangkok. in my high school time i was single, so many guys proposed me but then i believed in fantasy. still i do. but the thing is my friends are so happy with their dashing guys and very proud to show us. it hurts when i see girls catching hands and boys showing their care and love. i want to get in relation with a cute guy but then i dont find any of them. i want to have a boyfriend that i dream of. so please help me find him or just give me the description of his character and look. thats all i want. thank you!!!

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Answered by Edomon from Germany | Nov. 04, 2013 20:56
It is really hard to predict what your future BF's charaters and looks. From Chinese astrology and zodiac, I can just see his sign might be ox, dragon, or snake for your reference~ I suggest you draft a "shape" inside and find your BF then. Don't admire others and believe that your happiness is coming soon!
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