Asked by sS from United Kingdom | Oct. 23, 2013 05:36
About:Chinese Zodiac Compatibility
Male Dog and Female Pig

Dog 1982 (Boy) and Pig 1995 (Girl)

When doing compatibility, it says it is a wonderful pair, but in the Chinese Chart, it says 'Ups & Downs'...this is confusing and probably misleading. Any True Thoughts on this?

Also, what year is good for Dog (1982) to get married?.....14 years age gap between Dog and Pig, is it good for future?

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Answered by Kevin from Sweden | Oct. 23, 2013 22:07
This relationship is not bad. If you want to stay together, the relationship may not be so good at first, but after the adaptation in a long time, it will become a peaceful life in the end. So the most important thing for you to learn is to learn to accept at first.

It is a good time for dog people to get married in 2014 and the marriage will bring luck to the later days.

I do not think the age gap is the problem if you love each other and have similar ideas in the daily life. If you think this relationship is not so good, you may choose to stop it.
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