Asked by Joey from USA | Sep. 30, 2013 00:55
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What does the horizon look like for the 47 Year Old Male Horse

As a 47 year old man horse, I am concerned about what my future holds as I get older. I haven't completed my college degree (I've been working on it for the last 30 years), I am in the process of selling my house to build a new house, and worried about my job capacity/status as work. Will I be successful as other horse have become? DOB: 08-27-1966.

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Answered by Jenni from United Kingdom | Oct. 06, 2013 01:00
Hi, the next year will be a chance for you. You will be very lucky or very unlucky in 2014. Just be cautious to handle everything and you will get through them all. If you plan to realize all that you are seeking, try your best and u will achieve them all.
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