Asked by Rajesh from India | Aug. 01, 2013 14:24
About:Year of the Dragon

Hi Im Rajesh My DOB is 09/08/1988 Please tell me i want to start my own buisness

Tell me about my marriage life it would be love or arranged & also tell me about my financial strength & about my family.

Answers (1)
Answered by Agoda from Pakistan | Aug. 01, 2013 20:50
It is suggested not to run yout own business in this year, or you may get a loss. Just try in the early next year.

As for your marriage, it's predicted that if you find the one you love and get along well to consider marriage, you will have a loving life. If you are not into anyone, you may get an arranged marriage within two years.

Well, be honest and modest, and your financial fortune will be fine. Probably, you wil have some savings.

Relationship with your family can be ok this year. Just don't forget to communicate more with them.
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