Asked by Tonet from Philippines | Jun. 18, 2013 05:56
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Hows my finance, family, health,career and love life this year 2013? My birth date is nov. 24, 1984.

Thank you and appreciate your reply.

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Answered by Andy from Canada | Jun. 18, 2013 21:20
Well, as for your fortune in 2013, it shall be fine in every aspect.

Career: You will be spoken highly of by you boss. Just make constant progress and you may get a promotion in the year.

Finance: Your incojme will be stable enough; however, it seems that you will have many expenses. I suggest you make a good plan for all expenses in case you have no savings.

Family and lovelife: The relationships with your family nembers will be steady. If you can spend more time in communicating with them, it can be better.
If you are married, you will get along very well with your partner this year. If you are a single, you may shake off the single life this year.

Health: You will feel well throughout the year. Don't worry!
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