Asked by Adriana from Spain | May. 20, 2013 13:04
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Sag water dog woman and aries fire dragon man - compatibility?

I'd like to know if a Sagittarius water dog woman is compatible with an aries fire dragon. It seems compatible and incompatible at the same time?

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Answered by Angelia from Netherlands | May. 20, 2013 18:25
Dragon and dog are very difficult together, but you have a bright side to the story and that is that your sun signs are a perfect match. Sagitarrius and Aries are so awesome together! I learned to stand above astrology. You can make it work if you want to. It just can be more work if astrologically it's not a good match. But work is what will need to happen in every relationship. Just value how much your (potential) partner means to you as a person and base your love on that, not on an astrological chart.
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