Asked by Ahmad from Malaysia | May. 11, 2013 20:06
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Transportation to Jinshanling Great Wall?

We plan to JSL Great Wall on 21.09.2013. From the information, there is a special tourist bus at Dongzhimen terminus bus . Is the bus available during this time?
Does this bus directly to the great wall or stop in Miyun Bus Station and we need to hire a taxi to the great wall?
How long is the journey and recommended time at JSL? The bus will going back to Beijing at 2.40pm. Is the time enough at Jinshaling?
Is Dongzhimen bus terminus same with Dongzhimen Long Distance Bus Station? Thank you.

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Answered by Bruce from United Kingdom | May. 12, 2013 04:38
Yes, there is a special tourist bus line on weekends from April 3 to November 1 from Dongzhimen. And the buses are only in the morning at around 08:00.
The special bus will reach the wall directly and you do not need to hire a taxi. The bus takes about two hours. It is suggested to spend about two hours on the wall. The time is enough for traveling.
Yes, the Dongzhimen bus Terminal is the same with long distance bus station.
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