Asked by Anupama from U.k | Apr. 25, 2013 04:58
About:Year of the Snake

Snake married to tiger and have pig son !

My names is anupama my dob : 7.10.1977(snake) born 1.45pm new delhi : married to a tiger (7.12.1974) my son is a pig ( 26.11.2007) expecting 2nd child this year in may-jun 2013. Pls tell me how to get along we'll with my son and my husband. And what's my future looks like

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Answered by Saria from Australia | Apr. 26, 2013 01:22
You will need to put some effort into your couple relationship. You need to learn to let go of jealousy while heneeds to learn to be faithful so you feel needed and respected. This relationship is much more successful when you begin as friends. Well, you need to show your mother love to your son and trust him. Let him fell you as his best friend. All in all, love is the best link for your family life. You need to careful this year since it your year to offend 'Taishui', the god in charge of people's fortune.
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