Asked by Rita from Hongkong | Apr. 23, 2013 04:46
About:Year of the Dragon

Hi, I'm Rita. Born on July 26 1988.

I am going to move to another company soon so i was wondering how it will be there in coming days and i would like to know about my luck in coming days and about my health, wealth and family relation in coming days. Thankyou!

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Answered by Gallon from Germany | Apr. 23, 2013 20:56
Oh, your fortune is good enough this year. So if you have made a full preparation for going abroad now, you can go for that. Or next year can be ok as well. I have to tell you that your fortune gathers in the second half of this year.

As for your health, you may have weak immunity in 2013. Therefore, you'd better have moderate sports or outdoor activities. Wealth can be smmoth and financial problems will not bother you.

About the relationships with family, it can be harmonious. But I still suggest you spend some time in having family activities.
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