Asked by lovely from USA | Mar. 13, 2013 18:12
About:Year of the Dragon

HI... im a female fire dragon in chinese calendar

I have met a guy that is a water dog it says in all zodiac sign we have to avoid each other but im dating him for 3 months now but we seems like we get along should i continue dating him?

also i know another guy his year of the wood rat..even we havent seen each other we already have a really good connection. we talk a lot and his planning on visiting this month before i go back to the states..should i meet him?

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Answered by Thomas from United Kingdom | Mar. 17, 2013 01:13
It is not always true for the Chinese astrology. The Chinese astrology is just a reference for you and you cannot believe in it in any situation. I have a good friend who is a rat and his wife is a dragon and then live a happy life now. So if you love him, just staying together with him.
For the rat guy, youcan meet him and maybe you two can become good friend or so.
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